Seafood Delights at Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co.
in Mineral Wells, WV

Largest Snow Crab Legs Available: Perfect for Seafood Boils

At Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co., freshness is more than a commitment—it’s a guarantee. The seafood section beams with glistening, freshly caught marine produce. Every product assures a taste of the ocean’s bounty, from the deep blue tuna to the delicate shrimp. Call us today (304) 489-8300 to see what we have in stock. You can also contact us online.

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Frog Leap
Orange Roughy
Snow Crab Legs

Local Waters, Global Tastes

While West Virginia isn’t coastal, the passion for seafood in Mineral Wells is undeniable. Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co. bridges this geographical gap by sourcing a mix of local freshwater favorites and globally sought-after marine delights. This blend ensures customers enjoy the best of both local and global waters.

Sustainability at Sea

In today’s conscientious world, where the health of our oceans is paramount, Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co. stands tall with its commitment to sustainability.

Partnering with sustainable fisheries, we ensure that every bite you take supports a healthier marine ecosystem.

Preparing Your Perfect Plate

It’s not just about selling seafood; it’s about celebrating it. The seasoned staff at Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co. is knowledgeable about different seafood types, our ideal cooking methods, and even pairing suggestions. Whether you’re grilling, baking, or frying, our insights ensure your seafood dish turns out perfect.

Seasonal Seafood Specials

Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co. understands the rhythms of the ocean. Depending on the season, we offer a curated selection of seafood at its peak in terms of flavor and texture. From summer’s soft-shell crabs to winter’s oysters, our seasonal offerings ensure you’re always in for a treat.

For those seeking an authentic seafood experience in Mineral Wells, WV, Mountaineer Meat Market and Seafood Co. is a beacon of quality, variety, and freshness. Dive into our selection and let your palate embark on an oceanic journey.